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Idea of the Week! July 31st

Posted on: July 31, 2007

With August on the horizon, the summer is slowly but surely winding down so make the most of the free time you have left and work on a new skill, cooking! The world of Culinary Arts has become increasingly popular as shows like Top Chef and Next Food Network Star appear on our TV screens, if these rookies can do it, why not you?

That’s why this week I suggest you put on your chef’s hat and make your way to the kitchen. Whether you’re feeding family, friends, or just yourself, cooking can be a great way to relax and bring people together. You can try your hand at one of your favorite foods or go for something completely different. has a huge listing of searchable recipes that are rated based on level of difficulty and user reviews, check their site out if you need a little inspiration.

If you’ve never used your kitchen before, make sure that there is someone with you to supervise, and that you have permission from your parents first. Also, if you’re having people over or just cooking for your family, try decorating the table or using place settings that match the style of what you’re cooking, it doesn’t have to be super-fancy, something as simple as using a yellow table cloth when serving Mac and Cheese will be a cute detail that your guests will surely notice.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it by commenting!

That’s all for now,


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