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Oneonta or Bust!

Posted on: August 23, 2007

Hey Everyone!

After much anticipation and lots of hard work, the National Soccer Hall of Fame Induction Weekend has finally arrived. I’m in Oneonta right now where I’ve come a few days early to help Girl Talk get ready.

First, be sure to check out Mia and Julie on the CBS early show tomorrow morning between 8am-9pm. As they kick the ball around with Dave the weather man, they’ll be talking about the induction and Girl Talk. Be sure to watch it live and record it so you don’t miss a beat. I’m sure some of you saw this, but Julie was also on CNN World Sports tonight and Mia will be on Mia will be on ESPN First Take sometime between 11-1145 am tomorrow. As always, I’ll be sure to give my opinion on how everything goes and I’d love to hear from you.

Now to the details of the weekend, I’ll be in Oneonta tomorrow and Saturday getting ready for the big day. I’ll be unpacking all of the Girl Talk boxes we packed this week and get everything organized before Mia and Julie arrive. I’ll be sure to give a re-cap each night so you can see how much work goes into setting up such a big event. I’ll also keep my camera with me at all times throughout the weekend, especially on Sunday, for any photo opportunities!!

That’s all for now,


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