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Hall of Fame Recap

Posted on: August 27, 2007

Hey Everyone!

The National Soccer Hall of Fame Induction weekend was incredible. My apologies for not being able to write and keep you updated as the weekend got going. I was busier than I ever could have imagined. Some days I was working till 10:30 pm. It was all worth it though and don’t worry to much, I was thinking about you guys all weekend. I made sure to get some great pictures to share with you. Here’s a quick overview of the Induction Ceremony and Hall of Fame Game. I’ll hopefully be updating my slide show on my Myspace profile very soon.

A record crowd of 4,800 people watched as Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy made inspirational and moving acceptance speeches. It was an honor for me to hear both of these women recall those who have shaped them into the incredible people and role models they are today. A common theme thoughout the weekend, highlighted in their speeches, is the history and legacy they want to leave for young women and that neither of these women could have succeeded on their own.

Mia and Julie attributed their success to the encouragement and supportive circle of parents, family, coaches and friends. Julie spoke about how grateful she was for her family and that her mother and father were always at her games. She recalled that even though her mother still to this day doesn’t completely understand the game of soccer, she was the first person win or loose, to tell her she played great and give her a hug after the game. Mia spoke of how meaningful it is she enters the Hall of Fame with not only one of her teammates but one of her closest friends. She thanked Julie for her leadership, the impact she made on her life, and being an ambassador and advocate for young girls and women in this country who are searching for a voice, opportunities , and ways to make a difference. Both new mothers, Mia to 5-month old twin girls and Julie to an 8-month old daughter spoke of how they hope to help their daughters find strength and confidence just like people in their lives have done for them.

The Washington Freedom vs. the Connecticut Reds in The Hall of Fame Game was just as a great as the Induction Ceremony. Mia played for the Freedom and Julie for the Reds. Hall of Famer Carla Overbeck and members of the 1986 National Team also played in the game. The ’86 team was honored by the Hall of Fame during the induction weekend. The 1986 team beat Canada 2-0 in 1986, for the first-ever win by the U.S. Women’s National Team. Even though retired for few years, nobody missed a beat. I had a sideline view and got to see all the action close up. It was great!

Not everything was fun and games though. The crowd got a little out of control when Mia was signing autographs. I had to make sure nobody was injured as thousands of fans reached for Mia’s autograph. Check out Mia signing a Girl Talk ball for one lucky fan.

That’s all for now,

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