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Posted on: January 30, 2008

Hi Everyone!

This month’s Lifestyle article on focuses on building a positive body image. The article is from our friends at Go Girl World and is written by Cheryl Haworth, a weightlifting Olympic bronze medalists and seven time national champion. Haworth writes about loving yourself for who you are, finding other outlets such as sports to make you happy, and tips you can use to boost your body image. Growing up overweight, she was able to overcome the name callers by surrounding herself with positive friends who had common interests.

Unfortunately many teens, especially girls, have a tendency to judge themselves based on unrealistic media images of the ideal body. When you add underage drinking into the mix, alcohol can be even more dangerous if you have body image or weight concerns. Alcohol actually has more calories per gram than carbs (also known as sugars and starches), so drinking alcohol can lead to weight gain. Alcohol also makes you hungry and reduces inhibitions; so, people tend to eat more when they drink. And, don’t try to starve yourself to stay thin: Young girls who don’t eat properly or take in enough calories are at increased risk of intoxication, alcohol poisoning, and even death.

For more information about why a healthy body image is important for your self esteem, check out this article on And here’s another great article from about how your body image is better than a diet.

Visit to read this month Lifestyle article and more!

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