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Posted on: February 6, 2008

Hey Everybody,

I have received a lot of questions from girls just like you though . I am thrilled to be able to help you out by answering your questions about school, friends, parents, guys — whatever is on your mind!! Each month, I look through each and every one of your questions and i’ll answer a few of them here on my blog and more on the Girl Talk website. I hope you’ll continue to check back to read my blog.

Remember, I can’t answer every question submitted because I am only one person and I get so many questions each month. However, I will try to pick questions on topics that come up a lot so that when I answer, I’ll be answering more than one girl’s question.

Now, on to your questions!

Dear Katie,

How did you invent Girl Talk?


Dear Jessica,

Underage drinking remains too common among our nation’s teenage girls. A survey commissioned by The Century Council, a national not-for-profit organization funded by distillers, finds that mothers of teenage daughters underestimate and misjudge the seriousness of their daughters’ underage drinking. Additionally, nearly 50% of mothers say it is acceptable for their teenage daughters to drink alcohol under some circumstances. This acceptance shows a misunderstanding on the mother’s part. The Century Council believes Girl Talk can help improve communication between moms and daughters.

Together with U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team Players Association and the Society for Women’s Health Research, The Century Council developed Girl Talk: Choices and Consequences of Underage Drinking, designed to educate teenage girls about the dangers of underage drinking and the specific risks facing teen girls. is a fun place for all things GIRL and encourages girls to live healthy and active lifestyles by providing them with the resources to do so.


Dear Katie,

I was a tomboy but now I’m a girly girl and I don’t know anything about the latest fashion. All my friends say they’ve got it! Can you help me?

-Girly Girl

Dear Girly Girl,

It seems like your friends know all about the latest fashion trends. Why don’t you ask them for some advice? I’m sure they would love to help and it would be an excuse to do something fun together like go shopping at the mall. For a fun alternative, try “shopping” in an older sibling closet- with permission of course- for some fun fashion finds. I’m sure your friends will be flattered by you asking them for advice. It shows them that you love their style and value their advice. Also, be sure to check out the Girl World section on the Girl Talk website for lots of great fashion and beauty advice. I also post fashion and beauty updates on my blog, so be sure to check that out as well!


Dear Katie,

My parents won’t allow me to go on Myspace! It’s so unfair because I’m 13 and they STILL treat me like a little kid. My younger brother (who is two years younger) has been able to do way more than I did when I was his age! I want to gain my parents’ trust so that they start treating me like a 13 year old instead of a 7 year old. Could you please help me out?


Dear Thirteen,

Your parents have your best interests at heart. MySpace is a great social networking site but can also be very dangerous if you are not careful and properly informed. Try talking to your parents about their reasoning so that you can understand where they are coming from when they tell you no. Maybe you can explain to them why you want to be on MySpace and set up some guidelines that you’re both comfortable with. You’re at a stage in life where you’re probably going to want more privileges than your parents are comfortable giving you– that’s just part of being thirteen and growing up. It’s GREAT that you want to gain your parents’ trust and having a mature, open, and honest conversation with them is a major first step in helping them to see that you really are growing up. But here’s the thing: in order to gain your parents’ trust and let them know that you are responsible, you’re going to have to listen to them. Proposing a compromise shows maturity and demonstrates responsibility. In time, they will recognize your maturity and will be more likely to grant you more privileges in the future.


Dear Katie,
How does drinking alcohol damage the reproductive system?
Thank you,



Dear Emma,

You’re right in assuming that alcohol damages the reproductive system. Even now, before you’re thinking about having children, your reproductive system can be damaged by alcohol. Here are just some of the reproductive problems that alcohol can cause: menstrual pain, heavy period flow and irregular or absent periods. In addition, alcohol can harm your sexual functioning, prevent or harm pregnancies, and severely harm an unborn baby. For more information on how alcohol damages the body, visit the Girl Talk website and click on “The Facts” tab.


Take care girls,



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