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Prom time is almost here!

Posted on: March 3, 2008

Hey Everyone,

As we enter March, seasons begin to transform and certain important events come to mind. Prom Time! Teenage girls all over are anxious about what to wear for prom. Whether you’re going solo, in a group, or coupled with a date, every girl wants to Wow the crowd!

The Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden Globes and other prominent award shows play a huge role in prom dress designs. After each award show many designers anxiously create replicas of celebrities dazzling dresses for the everyday girl. Allen B. Schwartz has become the premier go- to designer for creating post award show gowns. He is known for mimicking his top celebrity gown selections from award shows and crafting them to fit his A.B.S. Label. The gowns usually cost on average $250 – $350, but that’s nothing compared to what stars pay for their gowns, usually in the thousands.

There are a variety of 2008 prom trends to follow! Beads added to any style, shiny or lame dresses, bold bright color dresses, sequin or metallic dresses, white elegant gowns, princess pink gowns and many more are just a few of the trends for this year’s prom dresses. If you want the celebrity red carpet look but you can’t afford celebrity prices there are a variety of websites to that perfect Beyonce or Cameron Diaz dress! There is a dress out there for everyone! For those not looking to spend too much money on a prom dress, there are also options. Try thrift shopping for unique dresses with character or vintage gowns. Happy Prom Dress Hunting!

That’s all for now,


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