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Posted on: April 2, 2008

Hello Ladies,

Everyone knows the right accessories can make an ordinary outfit stand out from the norm. From evening clutches to dazzling watches, colorful scarves, designer purses, vibrant jewelry, unique hats, retro sunglasses, eye catching shoes, and bold belts, you can enhance your outfit. Sometimes all you need is the right handbag or the perfect earrings to pull together the ideal ensemble.

Handbags are always a great accessory. From large hobo shape bags to elegant evening clutches, they all accent our fashion wardrobe. Choosing the right handbag is important, whether you’re looking for an everyday bag, a bag to match your outfit or an unusual purse to add to your collection. Designer bags are a favorite choice. Think of them as an investment if you’re not too eager to spend the necessary cash. There are also other outlets to getting designer bags. Try renting or borrowing designer bags online. It’s perfect for those special events that you want to really go all out for.

Ladies, let’s not forget how important shoes are to our outfit! The perfect shoe can stand alone in any crowd. Shoes are sometimes the first thing people notice! Whether you’re a sneaker kind of girl or a stiletto chick, make sure your shoes speak for themselves. Don’t forget about other accessories as you’re getting dressed. Jewelry, scarves, hats, sunglasses, and belts need a place in your wardrobe closet as well. Be a smart shopper. Try vintage shops and rare boutiques as well as your favorite designer and department stores.

Accessories add character to your outfit as they pull it all together. You don’t always have to match to the T. Have fun experimenting with colors and adding different accessories. Try a multi-color scarf to bring out your solid shirt or retro shades to add to your vintage look. Put a nice wide brim floppy hat on with your sun dress and sandals. The options are endless. Have fun mixing and matching with your accessories.



1 Response to "Accessories!"

Dear Katie,

I was excited to read your post on renting fashion!

Obviously I love renting, since I work at Bag Borrow or Steal, but I was a customer long before I joined the company, and it IS a lot of fun.

Let us know if your readers or you have any questions about borrowing (vs. buying), and if you are interested in trying out our service, we’d be happy to help!

Thanks for the shout out and keep on writing!

Jodi Watson
Chief Marketing Officer
Bag Borrow or Steal

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