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A little inspiration from a positve organization!

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Greetings All,

Ever hear the expression “age is only a number”? Well, in this case it’s completely true! You are never too young to get involved or make a difference, no matter the size. If you have the urge to help others at age 10 or 18, go for it! I’ve always believed that “if you speak loud enough, your voice will always be heard.” If you have a dream or an idea that you are passionate about, pursue it! Get together with other positive people, put your ideas together, and start planning!

People of all ages are changing the world – one person, one day, and one idea at a time. Action Without Borders is a non-profit organization which aims to connect other organizations, people, and resources to help build a world where everyone can lead free and dignified lives. The organization was founded in 1995 by executive director Ami Dar. Action Without Borders has a vision to live in a world where “every person who wants to help another has the ability to do so, and no opportunities for action or collaboration are missed or wasted.” Action Without Borders runs the website, which aids connections between individuals and institutions that are interested in improving their communities. One of its resource centers, Idealist Kids & Teens, is designed to introduce you to the world of non-profit organizations, activities, and issues that kids pursue. It can help you find information about how to start a project to help your local community – or even our global community! Use it to find information on youth volunteering and non-profit websites for young people dealing with important issues such as human rights, the environment, arts, and many more.

What’s so unique about this non-profit organization is that is has over twenty organizations that were started and are run by kids and teens such as yourself. They started out with ideas for projects to help their communities, and with time, dedication and hard work, those projects grew into organizations. A number of the kids started organizations after devastating events in their lives, life-changing encounters, and memorable trips and visits. But many started them just with the idea that they wanted to change the lives of others for the better. Some of the organizations include Grandma’s Gifts, Kids For A Clean Environment (Kids FA.C.E.), Kids Konnected, Ryan’s Well Foundation, The Victorian Hands Foundation, Teen Force, and countless others. Be sure to check them out!

One unique organization was started by a four-year-old, Alexandra “Alex” Scott. She founded Alex’s Lemonade Stand for pediatric cancer research. She was diagnosed with cancer a couple of days before her first birthday. At age four, she decided to do something to raise money for a cure. She opened her first lemonade stand in 2000, with the idea to donate the earnings to her hospital. From then on she had an annual lemonade stand in her front yard to raise money. On August 1, 2004, Alex died at the age of 8. Word began to spread of her youthful humanitarian efforts and donations came poring in worldwide. As a result, Alex’s Lemonade Stand has raised over $5 million for pediatric cancer research.

Anything is possible and your options are endless. Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. Get involved in your community for your sake and for the sake of others. If you reach one person, you have made a difference. Every little bit counts!

Get involved, be heard, and make a difference,


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