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2009 Spring Fashion….Bold colors, prints and more!

Posted on: February 25, 2009


When you think of spring you think of bright colors, flowers blooming, and bees buzzing. When you think of spring fashion bright colorful clothes come to mind. Spring fashion is all about prints and bright colors to enhance your silhouette! Tighter budgets this season may keep you from shopping as freely as you please and experimenting with every new style, however there are plenty of new styles to pick and choose from. Spring time evokes a feeling of fresh new beginnings. Bright vibrant colors appear and designers include each of them in their new selections. This season introduces a mixture of bright new colors. Put your navy away for fall, Pantone’s spring 2009 color report names Palace Blue the new “it” blue hue for spring 2009.


You can expect to see an array of prints this spring season, such as large fun polka dots or tropical and floral unique prints. Geometric lines will surface as well. As far as colors, black is out this season so make way for bright colors. Metallic, silver, and gold will still be prevalent during this upcoming season. Jump suits are one of the hottest items this season. You can wear them baggy or fitted. Cropped trousers in solids or an assortment of prints are in this season. They can be cute for day and night wear. Textured leggings are also carrying over into spring so feel free to try new colors and patterns! New items to appear will be hooded medieval dresses and hooded outfits so look out for them. If you have been waiting to break out your white, the time is almost here. You can substitute your little black dress with a white goddess-like dress for spring. Asymmetrical dresses, blouses, and shirts are a nice look as well.

Open your mind up to new styles this season. Go for the bohemian style or the Cleopatra look with a jeweled neckline. Big bold costume jewelry is a must-have for this season. Huge chains, large textured rings, thick cuffs and stacked bangles will add as a nice accessory to your spring look. Don’t be afraid to add accessories to your outfit – maybe a nice broche, pin, or a feathered headband in your hair.

You can save money by altering clothing you already own such as jean jackets or blazers. A simple push or roll of the sleeve will keep you trendy this spring season! You can also jazz up your outfits with accessories. Big flowers are in! You can head to your nearest arts and crafts store and make unique accessories to make your outfit just that more noticeable. The destroyed denim look will be in so you can easily cut up a pair of old jeans and create a look that best suits you.

Happy fashionable spring!



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i love your blog its sooooo true i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!!

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