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Ask Katie – April’s Questions

Dear Katie,
There’s this boy at school that I really like. He knows I like him but he likes someone else. What do I do?
What To Do

Dear What To Do,
That is always a tough situation. My suggestion to you is that you believe in yourself, and continue to do the things in life that you enjoy! Live your life for you, NOT him. Try your hardest not to put him on a pedestal- it should be the other way around! How you see yourself becomes a roadmap for others to follow. If you think you are smart, funny, caring, and beautiful (which you are!!), then he’ll start to see it too. Stay confident and true to yourself and the rest will follow!

Dear Katie,
Do you have to be small to be a model?

Dear Wondering,
No way! Models come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and varieties! When people look for models, they may have a particular “look” in mind, but that look changes constantly depending on all sorts of factors. The bottom line is that there is no one-size-fits all for models!

Dear Katie,
I am going out with a boy and he cheated on me!!! I still love him to death but I think he will just break my heart. I have already kissed him but I don’t know if I should give up on him.
-Lyin’ boyfriend

Dear Lyin’ Boyfriend,
It’s hard to move on after you’ve grown to love someone, but if you think he’s going to break your heart he’s probably not worth it – especially if he’s already cheated on you! This guy does not sound like he’s worth your time. If he can’t commit to you then there is no reason you should commit to him! Treat yourself with respect and find someone who will be loyal.

Dear Katie,
I have a friend who I have known forever and she always says things that hurt my feelings. I think we should stop being friends but I am scared because I cannot see my life without her. But I think I need to move on. What should I do? If we stop being friends then I will be a loner and miss her very much but she is jealous of me and always hurting my feelings. What should I do?
-Crazy Confused

Dear Crazy Confused,
A lot of people are in the same boat as you. First, it is really hard to be alone, and lots of people stay in relationships that hurt them because they fear being alone, and like you feel that they will desperately miss the other person. There is a step that you can take before you have to break it off with your friend – maybe you have already done this. Tell her that you like her a lot and that you value her friendship, but that she says things that hurt you and she needs to stop or, as much as you like her, you will have to end the relationship. But you have to mean it and if she doesn’t stop then you do need to end the relationship. If she regularly hurts your feelings and you stay in the relationship, gradually it chips away at your confidence in yourself which you cannot allow to happen. Without her you will be lonely, but the good news is that in time you almost certainly will find new friends who probably won’t say such hurtful things.
-Dr. Wolf

Dear Katie,
I am in high school and I am embarrassed by my excessive armpit sweating. Even when it is cold, I find my self with a little sweat ring on my shirt. Should I not wear cotton shirts? I know I don’t have any major health problems but I just feel so embarrassed when I raise my arm and my friends see my sweat mark. I use an antiperspirant deodorant and shower daily. What will help? Please, I need help!

Dear Embarrassed,
Believe it or not, we’ve all had that problem. Some girls sweat more than others, but we all do it and we all know it can be embarrassing. It’s just a part of life. On the plus side, everyone sweats, so we all understand that you can’t really help it (none of us can)! One thing that might help in addition to what you’re already doing is to wear looser-fitting shirts. That way, your armpits have room to breathe. In addition, you could keep some deodorant with you in your purse or backpack and reapply it throughout the day. Lots of women do that! You can also try testing different deodorants to see if some work better for you than others. Let your doctor know that you are worried about your sweating the next time you go for a visit so that he or she can make sure that nothing is wrong. At the end of the day, just remember that it’s healthy to sweat and we all do it!

Dear Katie,
I like this boy and I think he likes me but I don’t know what to do. He is into doing all kinds of drugs. I wonder if he likes me does he think I will do drugs too.

Some guys who drink or do drugs keep those activities separate from their relationship with a girlfriend. But most don’t. Will he want you to join him in doing drugs? Probably. Will you join him in doing drugs when you are with him? Maybe. Will you do drugs with him even though you plan not to? Maybe. Does having a close relationship with him put you at greater risk to get involved with drugs? Definitely. Can you – if you get deeper into the relationship – get him to stop doing drugs? Almost certainly not. He may be a really nice guy, but being with him will put you at risk of getting into drugs whether you plan to or not.
-Dr. Wolf


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