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It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving has come and gone and if you’re like me, turkey has been part of every meal for a week. If you were lucky enough to get up early and catch the sales on black Friday then you’ve probably taken care of all your holiday shopping. But what if you couldn’t make it out to the mall and you need a more affordable way to find gifts? Why not make your own? My favorite thing to do is make personalized cards and gifts to give to my closest friends.

Holiday cards are great, inexpensive personalized gifts. Scrapbooks or homemade jewelry are fun ways to get artistic and share memories with your loved ones. Take advantage of your talents and interests and use them to your advantage when creating these gifts. Write your mother a poem, bake your father a cake or another goodie, or even decorate a picture frame of you and your best friend together. Sometimes just making someone a mix CD of their favorite songs is the best gift you can give them. However you decide to exchange gifts, make them personal and get creative!


Hey Girls,

Summer brings not only warm weather and longer nights, but also three months of school-free time for fun and activities! So, after you’ve taken a little bit of time to relax with cold lemonade by the poolside after a long school year, get out and have some fun! Make this a summer to remember — one that you can enjoy and look forward to going back to school to tell everyone about.

For those of you who don’t have concrete plans set for the summer, try going to summer camp! Or better yet, apply to work at a summer camp and get paid to have fun! There are a variety of teen summer camps to choose from. There are camps for just about anything and everything you can think of — sports, art, music, computer and graphic design — and countless others!

Find a summer camp in your area that interests you. Enjoy graphic design, web design, or just intrigued with computers in general? Then search for a cyber camp near you! Or for those of you who want to get away and experience a new environment, try overnight summer camps! There are adventure camps full of fun activities like canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing, scuba diving, windsurfing and more. You could even try expanding your horizons and spend your summer in another country. Apply for a cultural exchange program to learn about and even help other countries.

The options are endless! Don’t sit around glued to the television when you can get out and enjoy summer weather and awesome activities. Look into different summer camps in your area today!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer,


Posted on: May 22, 2008

Greetings Everyone,

Everyone can do their part to preserve our environment! Wouldn’t you like to stand out in a crowd as well as spread environmental awareness? More so now than ever, people are concerned with being eco-friendly. Consumers are more inclined to purchase clothing made of organic cottons or hybrid cars for better gas mileage. People everywhere are embracing the green lifestyle!

Global warming has always been an important issue, and now concerns for the earth have started a new environmental movement! Catchy slogans and organizations are influencing consumers to commit to sustaining the world’s environment. GreenLaces is a new organizational movement spreading environmental awareness. It was created this year by Natalie Spilger and Joanna Lohman in efforts to unify the green movement. The mission of GreenLaces is to “aim to unify environmentally conscious individuals and leverage athletics to reduce our environmental impact.”

The laces represent a personal promise to unite and empower individuals, while making a pledge to make a positive impact on the environment. GreenLaces believes that people are their own billboard, so why not display something positive and effective? The GreenLaces are a symbol of personal commitment to the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. The laces are green in color – and in theory! They are even made right here in the United States from 100% plastic.

GreenLaces assists athletes of all sports. In fact, one of the organization’s goals is to garnish the shoes of 1,000 Olympic athletes during the summer 2008 games in Beijing. Ultimately, GreenLaces hopes to distribute one million laces worldwide by 2009.

Become a part of this positive movement to help the environment. And don’t forget to check out the Girl Talk website for more information on GreenLaces and other ways you can help the environment!

To a greener life,

It’s practically summer – the best time to get outside and have fun!!! I don’t know about you all, but I’ve had enough of the cold weather. I’ve started a list of things I plan to do this summer and thought I’d share it!

1. Go on bike rides with my family and friends
2. Take hikes
3. Go swimming – at the beach and at the pool!
4. Plant a garden
5. Walk and play fetch with the dog
6. Make a slip and slide out of a tarp, soap, and a hose!
7. Attempt to make a home-made kite and fly it
8. Play sports, of course! I love pick-up kickball, basketball, and soccer games.
9. Go miniature golfing
10. Practice yoga
11. Get tickets to a baseball game
12. Go roller blading
13. Have picnics!

Those are just a few things I’ve thought of so far! What kinds of things are you planning to do this summer? Write a comment and let me know!

While Kylee was running around in New York City getting ready to be on The Today Show, yours truly was at her side! Check out some of the cool pictures of our trip!

Getting into the limo at Time’s Square – now that’s service!

Kylee’s personalized limo sign – sweet!

Backstage with Dr. Kimberly Williams…

…and Jenna Wolfe!

All in all, it was a pretty cool trip.

Check it out!!!

On Sunday morning, The Today Show hosted our “Reel Girls, Real Life” contest winner, Kylee Darcy and Dr. Kimberly Williams, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, to talk about underage drinking and the creation of the public service announcement “What You Don’t Know” on Check out the segment here.

Pretty cool, huh? What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

It’s been a year in the making and the finished product is finally here! Thanks to your votes, Kylee Darcy won Girl Talk’s “Reel Girls, Reel Life” PSA contest, and got to film the commercial with the pros. “What You Don’t Know” is now playing live nationwide!

We all know that underage drinking is not only illegal but can also lead to serious consequences such as car crashes, health problems, and even death. These are, of course, serious issues that need serious attention. However, the social consequences of underage drinking are often overlooked. What’s more is that the vast majority of teens believe that girls have even more to lose than boys when under the influence of alcohol. “What You Don’t Know” emphasizes both of these issues.

Two thirds of American teens admit that they – or someone they know – have made regrettable decisions linked to drinking. We’ve all heard stories about teens doing embarrassing things while under the influence of alcohol. No one wants to get into fights with a friend for no reason, tell a crush about embarrassing secrets, trip and fall or get sick in front of everyone, or forget your curfew. Underage drinking can only lead to trouble – not to mention, it’s illegal! When you drink underage you put yourself and your friends at risk for doing all of these stupid things and countless others. Reputations, relationships, and dignity are often compromised or even ruined. Drinking underage is just not worth it!

“Of course underage drinking is illegal and can lead to tragedies like car crashes and deaths, but the negative social consequences are much more prevalent,” says Kylee. “I hope my commercial will make teen girls think twice about all of the dangers of underage drinking.”

We hope so too, Kylee!

Be in “The Know” – check out Kylee’s professional PSA, “What You Don’t Know,” now!

What You Don't Know

We also want to send a shout-out to our friends over at AllyKatzz who posted an awesome micro-site of ALot2Lose! The AllyKatzz girls have blogged and commented on the topic of the video and have also created a cool poll. Check it out here!

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