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Posted on: May 22, 2008

Greetings Everyone,

Everyone can do their part to preserve our environment! Wouldn’t you like to stand out in a crowd as well as spread environmental awareness? More so now than ever, people are concerned with being eco-friendly. Consumers are more inclined to purchase clothing made of organic cottons or hybrid cars for better gas mileage. People everywhere are embracing the green lifestyle!

Global warming has always been an important issue, and now concerns for the earth have started a new environmental movement! Catchy slogans and organizations are influencing consumers to commit to sustaining the world’s environment. GreenLaces is a new organizational movement spreading environmental awareness. It was created this year by Natalie Spilger and Joanna Lohman in efforts to unify the green movement. The mission of GreenLaces is to “aim to unify environmentally conscious individuals and leverage athletics to reduce our environmental impact.”

The laces represent a personal promise to unite and empower individuals, while making a pledge to make a positive impact on the environment. GreenLaces believes that people are their own billboard, so why not display something positive and effective? The GreenLaces are a symbol of personal commitment to the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. The laces are green in color – and in theory! They are even made right here in the United States from 100% plastic.

GreenLaces assists athletes of all sports. In fact, one of the organization’s goals is to garnish the shoes of 1,000 Olympic athletes during the summer 2008 games in Beijing. Ultimately, GreenLaces hopes to distribute one million laces worldwide by 2009.

Become a part of this positive movement to help the environment. And don’t forget to check out the Girl Talk website for more information on GreenLaces and other ways you can help the environment!

To a greener life,

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