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Who says you can’t be fashionable and a sporty chick all in one! You can compete for the gold with the best of them and do it all in style. Snowboarding X Games champ and Olympic gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler is changing fashion for female snowboarders and athletes. She is said to be the single most accomplished female snowboarder in the world. She found her passion for snowboarding at age 11, and has been collecting awards ever since.

She accomplished it all while hitting the slopes wearing men’s XS snowboarding gear. Tired of the limited variety, she decided to revamp the women’s snowboarding wardrobe. She teamed up with sporting gear company Oakley to create her ideal snowboarding and outerwear collection. It is currently in stores and the next collection is slated to hit stores in the fall. Her goal was to make fashionable, edgy clothing for females. She spent countless hours constructing the perfect blend of edgy graphics and details in bold and bright colors. The clothing is sporty, yet still feminine. Now you can look sporty and chic while winning a medal or competing.

Check out Gretchen’s interview with Nick Magazine and Ask, Listen, Learn. When she’s not out on the icy mountains, she enjoys surfing, mountain biking, interior design and fashion. She’s active in a number of environmental organizations and helped to create Snow Angels Invitational, a new all-female invitational superpipe competition at Snowmass. You can accomplish anything with a dream and the desire to obtain it!

Go for the gold, ladies!


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