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Hey Everybody,

How is your month of giving going? Did you make lots of yummy treats to sell off for a great cause? Tell me all about it!

Now for this week’s idea of giving. It comes in two parts – first, a fun part and then the giving part! First, tell your friends to find the most outrageous clothes they can find. Dig in the backs of your closets! Find those crazy clothes you haven’t worn for a long time and roll them all into an extra crazy outfit! Then, get all of your friends together and have an outrageous what NOT to wear fashion show! Strut your stuff down a makeshift runway, smile for the cameras as your friends take pictures, and then vote on who has the craziest outfit! That’s the fun part… now for the giving part! When you’re done with your fashion show, donate the clothes to a Goodwill or a shelter in your area. Add to the pile with other clothes you haven’t worn for a while that you may have found while digging around. You’ll make someone else’s day with a new outfit that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the winter weather and the holidays!

That’s all for now,


Each week Girl Talk brings you the Idea of the Week filled with fun and creative alternatives to drinking alcohol. It may seem that all your friends are spending their time partying and you’re probably thinking your only option is to join in. But research shows: nearly 75% of girls drink alcohol “to fit in.” That means many girls are making bad (and illegal!) choices because they feel like they need to. Do you want to suffer the negative consequences that come with underage drinking? Here’s my advice: be the cool girl who finds something else to do instead – you’ll probably find that other girls around you will be thankful and relieved to have something fun and safe to do!


Hey Everyone,

Have you checked out the US Women’s National Team during World Cup action in China? The US Women have made it all the way to the semi-final round where they now face Brazil. Former U.S. captain and Girl Talk supporter Julie Foudy, now a commentator for ESPN, will bring the game to you live tomorrow at 8 a.m. on ESPN2.

When these two teams met three months ago, the US won 2-0. The Americans also prevailed in their two previous Women’s World Cup meeting; however, and I’m sure you saw this all over the news today, head coach Greg Ryan has replaced unbeaten rookie goalkeeper Hope Solo with veteran Briana Scurry.. Scurry started every game but one at the 1995, 1999 and 2003 World Cups and played every minute at the Athens Olympics, where the team won gold.

Regardless of the outcome in tomorrow’s match, the accomplishments and dedication of these female athletes is something to admire and celebrate. With the recent 35th anniversary of Title IX, these talented women exemplify how far women and sports have come, but there is always still more work to be done.

That’s all for now,

Hey Everyone!

I’ve updated the YouTube playlist on my profile page to include a number of videos from the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Experience the Induction Ceremony first hand through my YouTube videos!!! The videos include: a message to Mia and Julie from the US Women’s National Soccer Team before their departure to China for the World Cup. the Hall of Fame Exhibition Match, AND both Mia and Julie’s complete induction speech. Here’s a preview of all the exciting video’s Girl Talk has to share!

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Hey Everyone!

Check out the video of me at the Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy press conference. It was incredible to hear Julie Foudy talk about Girl Talk and about the importance of making healthy and responsible decisions. Julie is a true advocate for young females. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to visit Julie’s Sports Leadership Academy’s website. Julie continues her commitment to helping young girls develop into strong woman by teaching her students the ingredients it takes to be a leader on AND off the field.

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Hey – this just in! As you may have seen on the grltlk website, our current celebrity spotlight is soccer standout, Joanna Lohman. Check out Joanna tonight on Washington Post Live. Washington Post Live airs live Monday-Friday from 5:00-6:30 p.m. EDT on Comcast SportsNet and simultaneously on

(Go to the sports section of the website for the link. It shows up right before 5pm EDT.) Outside of the Washington DC area, Comcast SportsNet is also available on DISH and DIRECT TV as part of the Sports Tier package.

I got to spend time with Joanna this weekend at the Hall of Fame induction and watch her play with her team, Washington Freedom, in the Hall of Fame Game. And here’s a picture of Joanna with a young soccer fan.

That’s all for now!

Hey Everyone!

I told you yesterday how moving Julie Foudy’s and Mia Hamm’s Induction Ceremony speeches were. Now you can check them out for yourself. I didn’t get as much footage of Mia’s speech as I wanted. I got called away to do some work and prepare for the press conference. The quality isn’t the best because I recorded them on my digital camera. I’ll be sure to share with you a better quality version of the speeches and the weekend once footage from our camera crew starts rolling in. I thought you’d want a sneak peek at some of the Induction Ceremony before that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on their speeches. Did you think they were as moving as I did?

That’s all for now,

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