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Thank you for submitting your questions. I am continuously receiving tons of questions from girls just like you. I am thrilled to provide you with answers to issues about school, friends, parents, guys — whatever is on your mind!! Each month, I look through each and every one of your questions and answer a few of them here on the Girl Talk blog — and more on the Girl Talk website. So be sure to check back each month for new questions!

Remember, I can’t answer every question because I am only one person and I get so many questions each month. However, I try to pick questions on topics and issues that come up a lot so that when I answer, I’ll be answering more than one girl’s question. In addition, my friend Dr. Anthony Wolf has been wonderful enough to give me a helping hand in answering some of your toughest questions, so that we can post even more answers!

Have a question for me? Submit your question and check back next month for the answer! Be sure that you ask your questions here through the Girl Talk’s Ask Katie form. If you leave comments on here or on my MySpace or Facebook pages I might not see them and I want to make sure I see each and every one of your questions!

Take care, girls!

Dr. Anthony Wolf is a practicing child psychologist and the author of numerous books including the bestselling and widely acclaimed, Get out of my life but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the Mall, A Parents’ Guide to the New Teenager. He is often quoted in the national media, has had a regular column in CHILD Magazine, and currently writes a bi-weekly column on parenting teenagers for the Toronto Globe and Mail. He has appeared on many TV shows including The View, The Today Show and CBS This Morning, and is being featured in a PBS television special on tweens. He is a frequent and widely sought after lecturer for both parents and professional audiences, known for his humor and very practical advice.

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I wanted to let you know about a video PSA contest for teens in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado. The topic is about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. The winner receives a Mac laptop computer, the winner’s school receives a donation, and the winner’s PSA will be aired on local television.

You can visit to read more, and the link at the bottom on the page goes to last year’s contest and entries.


I found this website by just putting in suggestions for a PSA; this was the first link I clinked on, and I’m glad.
I have to make a PSA for my school and I couldn’t think of a good topic to do it on and now I’m gonna do the Girl Talk: Choices and Consequences of Underage Drinking.
On the website I found great facts about the causes of drinking to your body and charts of how mom’s and daughter’s answers why or why not to drink. Those will help me SO much.
Thank you for helping Teen Girls know the causes of drinking to their body!

you are right girls let us think of the risks

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